The quality-risk assessment process is now integral part of the management of Les Violettes clinic. This process, started in 2012, aims at the progressive development of a quality and risk assessment culture within its teams. Les Violettes clinic has thus recently formalized its quality policy and given the institution a specialized service drawing largely on the institution’s management.


Our commitments :

  • Understanding the needs and expectations of the patients and making sure they are satisfied.
  • Proving that the health care we unfailingly owe the patient is of good quality.
  • Involving all collaborators in a dynamic that is based on a participative process and on the recognition of competences.
  • Modernizing the work tool in accordance with the environment safety rules.
  • Establishing a permanent dialogue with and among the personnel.
  • Respecting the applicable legal and administrative obligations.

Our objectives :

  • Improve the offered medical service
  • Set up an information system for the benefit of the patient
  • Implement the principles of the charters and conventions
  • Establish a permanent dialogue with the patients and their families
  • Establish and ensure the perennity of a dynamic of improvement of health quality
  • Implement an evaluation policy of the services offered to the patient
  • Ensure the technicality and know-how of the personnel
  • Make use of the quality culture
  • Make our institution go through a certification process, type HAS
  • Develop the risk assessment culture by implementing a system of signaling undesirable events and an organization of risk assessment
  • Control and manage the risks related to a stay at the clinic for patients and personnel of the institution
  • Train the personnel and heighten their awareness in connection with quality and risk assessment
  • Promote continuous improvement in terms  of quality and risk assessment
  • Make the institution safer for the patients as well as for the professionals
  • The institution must comply with a logic of perennial development with regards to environment