An endoscopy, also called a fibroscopy, is an examination in which the doctor looks into an organ or body cavity with an endoscope. The endoscope is a thin and flexible tube with optical fibers. At the end of the instrument is a lamp and a small camera.

What is an endoscopy for?

An endoscopy allows the doctor to examine the inside of an organ or body cavity. But sometimes accessories are still attached to the endoscope, which gives the instrument more possibilities:

  • Endoscope + ultrasound probe: the probe allows the doctor to see through the wall of the organ being examined. For example, the intestine, stomach or bronchi.
  • Endoscope + surgical instrument: if the endoscope is equipped with, for example, tweezers or needle, an intervention can also take place during the examination. This allows the doctor to remove some tissue or fluid for examination (biopsy), remove a small tumor, stop a bleeding, etc.